Friday, 27 March 2009

ICEL news

Some of the sharper-eyed among you noticed that very briefly I posted some ICEL news, but having been advised that I was a little premature and should wait for an official announcement, I took the post down again. 
It doesn't (directly) concern the new translation, in case any of you were getting anxious.


pelerin said...

Thank you for the explanation! Whenever I get problems of access to sites I presume I have pressed the wrong button.

JGKester said...

Speaking of ICEl, Pater, I wonder if you have access to the actual Latin of the modern rite of reception. We have one this Easter Vigil, and the whole:
"the Lord receives you into the Catholic Church. His loving kindness has led you here,"
seems a little squishy to my taste
Thanks, JGKester

Pastor in Valle said...

JGKester: alas, no, I have never even seen it.