Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back again

I'm sorry to have been quiet so long: partly I was just very very tired; our parish secretary wasn't well, and I had to do her job as well as my own for several weeks. And then we had a string of visitors who, rather than looking after things so that I could get a holiday, turned out to be rather labour-intensive, so the holiday has been postponed. I hope to get a few days soon, though. But the thing that most concerned me was the whole Irish abuse thing; it pushed a lot of buttons with me, and I wanted to write something sensible about the matter for the blog, and, well, I wrote something, but it was rather from the heart, and so I don't really want to publish it now. It will probably stay in limbo. Nonetheless, I hope that I have exorcised whatever it was that was concerning me now and we can return to normal blogging.


gemoftheocean said...

Hope things will settle down for you and you get a little rest before your seminary teaching starts up again. For a while there I'd wondered if you'd gone off to Bora Bora! :-D

[Check your facebook and email, I sent you a pic of the brand new daughter of the couple whose wedding you attended here in San Diego last year. They were fast workers!]

fmhmatrix said...

Good to have you back

the owl of the remove said...

Glad you are back, Father!