Saturday, 14 May 2011

Two steps forwards, one step back

It has indeed been wonderful to get the news about Universæ Eccclesiæ, the restored Friday penance and the possible restoration of Epiphany and Ascension.

In France, however, there is one piece of startling news. It concerns this man:
His name is François Fonlupt; a used car salesman, perhaps, or a rep for some company?

Nope; he's the new bishop of Rodez, the only diocese in the South-West of France that has been getting back into an objectively more healthy state, according to the site Chrétienté Info, largely due to the work of the outgoing bishop Bellino Ghirard; at least, it says, Rodez was the only diocese not entirely in a coma. I notice that on its diocesan webpage it even notes where one may find the Extraordinary Form. That will probably change under what is likely to be the 18-year reign of Mgr Fonlupt (he being 57). As the photograph suggests, he is an opponent of the EF, being described as the liberal's liberal. Gloria TV news noted that he recently denied the 'material presence' of Christ in the Eucharist, and said that our Lord was as much present in the congregation. Chrétienté Info also notes that he celebrates 'second' marriages for the divorced, refuses to oppose artificial contraception because it's what people are doing anyway, and has no problem giving general absolution.

I have to say that I don't really get the strange things on his face—no, not his glasses.

How on earth could this happen today?

Has the eldest daughter of the Church gone nuts?

A very handy postscript here from the French Oasis.


Jane said...

'Thanks' for this news Father, well hardly thanks since it is so horrendously bad! We only have local newspapers but the Sunday Sud Ouest is pretty good. Will await tomorrow's edition and contact my new Paix Liturgique friend.

Indeed how could this happen, particularly so fast on the heels of the removal of Bishop Morris in Australia. It doesn't make any sense at all. I've no doubt there will be numerous letters to the French Nuncio and to Rome. It becomes increasingly clear that appointments like this one are made, not because the Pope has taken a crazily uncharacteristic decision, but because someone has deliberately hidden things from him.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to tell from the small photo, but judging from the angle of the other shadows in the photo I think the sun is almost overhead and the strange patterns on his face are refractions from his glasses. It's also conceivable however that he's been playing with facepaints!

pelerin said...

As soon as I saw the photo of the new Bishop my heart sank. (I don't know which photo you have put up as the blog pictures have vanished again) Tie and no clerical collar and then reading up about him. Jane must be right in thinking facts have been hidden from the Holy Father?

The Australian Bishop gets removed and a few years back Bishop Gaillot - so why has someone with similar views been promoted in this way?

However, having had the pleasure of meeting Bishop Gaillot and knowing how he has worked tirelessly for the homeless and the welfare of immigrants since leaving Evreux, I tend to remain open minded. He may have had some views at odds with the Church but his Christ-like compassion for those at the bottom of society has been evident for all to see.

If he had carried on in Evreux he would not have been able to help so many people. It is difficult - one wants to have faithful Bishops of course but combined with Christian compassion. One should lead to the other should it not?

Anonymous said...

Indeed Jane. The Pope has to rely on advisers. He cannot poosibly know all the Bishops and what they are up to.
This does not look good though many people in France attend the EF.

Igumen Gregory said...

Who appoints wackos like the one just described? Sounds like Rome is not doing its homework very well!

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pelerin said...

I am not trying to find excuses for the election of P. Fonlupt but I have just watched a short interview with him from KTO (on Daily Motion) and I was impressed by his very genuine smile (including his eyes which is a good indication)) and modesty. Still photos so often do not do people justice.

Yes I know he is a 'liberal' and his moustache gives him the appearance of a rep! But we must hope and pray that he becomes a good bishop.

Regarding bishops wearing ties, I noticed that in a recent picture of the French Bishops at their meeting in Lourdes the tie wearers are now in the minority whereas I am sure that some 3 years ago I seem to remember noticing it was about 50/50. Brick by brick...

Tom said...

I guess it's too late to delate him to the Cardinal Oullet's Dicastery. And even if it isn't too late, does anyone know how to go about doing it.

Jane said...

Father, I've posted on the Oasis the things I've managed to find out today. I suspect it will confirm your suspicions.

Tom: It's never too late!

Mike said...

he's the new bishop of Rodez, the only diocese in the South-West of France that has been getting back into an objectively more healthy state..

The interesting thing will be to follow those objective indicators over the next 18 years.

Tom said...

Jane - having found your blog and read the very helpful and insightful comments you make, I don't think it likely that an appeal for delation from someone unfamiliar with the processes, would be productive now - particularly as those who ultimately made the decision, albeit based on false data, are aware of the problem. Prayer is our only weapon now in this sad case. How let down the outgoing bishop must feel.

Hopefully, Cardinal Oullet will be able to ensure that this sort of thing cannot happen in future (whether for France or, more locally, for the UK!).

Hvaing found your blog, I will add it to my daily reading list. Thank you for your apostolate.

Jane said...

Tom: Absolutely d'accord and thanks for your support and interest.

God bless,

Anon II said...

This is very sad, but I wonder what difference a new nuncio would make: the current nuncio must be known to the Prefect, since he was nuncio in Canada before going to France. See:

So one could be forgiven for thinking that he would enjoy the Prefect's confidence.

gemoftheocean said...

Let's see...Rome will go hysterical if a girl/woman serves an EF Mass...but they are still appointing dirtbags like this guy. Why does the pope go all nuts like the crazy uncle drinking Mint Juleps on the porch all day? Does just as many nutty things like ignoring Williamson. Has he not learned to do some homework himself instead of relying on what he is spoonfed?