Saturday 22 September 2012

That's okay, then

In all the furore concerning St Mary's College, Twickenham, most notably the rather dramatic removal of Dr Anthony Towey and the merging of the Theology department with that of several other subjects whose obvious relevance and connection to the Queen of Sciences somehow escapes me, we can, perhaps be reassured by the fact that the decision has been led by a man, the new Principal of St Mary's, who has recently been described as
a, if not the, leading Roman Catholic biblical theologian in the UK.
This is a very great accolade, without doubt. You may be assured, too, that the commentator knows the new Principal very well—none better, in fact, for the man who gave such a resounding thumbs-up to the new Principal is none other than Professor Philip Esler, who is perhaps the greatest admirer of the new Principal. In fact, he is the new Principal, and the remark was made about himself. (The Tablet, 1st September 2012, p.7).

According to Amazon, this paragon of modesty is indeed a published author, with works such as
Sex, Wives and Warriors: Reading Biblical Narratives with Its Ancient Audience (a snip at £29.00)
and the co-authorship of
Dirt, Greed and Sex (£11.66)
to his credit. Plus several other works, though they don't look as interesting.


Anonymous said...

You should, Fr, begin work on The Didache and Sex: Early Christian Ladies with their Audience of Early Christian Men. You could demostrate your scholarly knowledge by an in-depth description of ancient methods of producing infants for the purpose of infant baptism, and conceptions for propagating the Faith that may have origins dating as far back as the Apostolic age. I only ask that you remember me, Fr Professor, when you come into your college principality! -fjg

leutgeb said...

Anonymous, not what my Grandmother RIP would have termed, 'edifying.' Still people who go to Mass every Sunday for 90 years are probably not considered good judges of such lofty matters.

Frederick Jones said...

His Holiness in his published work on the life of Our Lord refers to Jewish, Lutheran, Anglican, and Free Church scholars; I wonder why he neglects such English co-religionists as you mention?

Mater mari said...

Profoundly disedifying, I would say Leutgeb. I found Father's post interesting and informative; it would even have been amusing if the circumstances weren't so tragic. I must confess to bias, as our wonderful granddaughter was part of the prayerful protest at SMUC. The behaviour of the students was an example to us all.

Sixupman said...

Blog Post of the Year!!!!!

Pastor in Monte said...

Comments are very kind; but I think that perhaps Anonymous /fjg has a point. I wasn't being very kind, really, and my post on the Didache does read a bit pretentious, like, though genuinely I was writing out of interest, rather than pretention.
I'm just rather suspicious about the whole SMUC takeover; it is happening at a time when SMUC wants University status, and it makes me wonder whether the whole point is trying to convince a rather secularised educational world that St Mary's doesn't actually take religion very seriously at all, and so is worthy of being a University.

Anonymous said...

I have met the new Principal at St. Mary's and can honestly say he is a man of integrity, he is modest and honest by nature and humble in his opinions. Never have I happened upon a man who so effortlessly makes those around him feel both valued and respected and I feel truly blessed to have made his acquaintance. I am of the humble opinion (perhaps his abundance of humility is starting to rub off on me?!)that I myself couldn't have hand selected a better Principal to be at the helm of my University. Then again, in my class of '99 year book I was voted 'most like to become compulsively sarcastic' so what do I know?!

Unknown said...

“I am a research-active biblical critic, probably regarded as a, if not the, leading Roman Catholic biblical theologian in the UK" - Professor Philip Esler, The Tablet, September 1st 2012, p 7.

"he is modest and honest by nature and humble in his opinions." - Anonymous, above.

I can see you left your sarcastic past behind you, just as I did mine.