Wednesday, 7 July 2010

How does the coffee smell, Ma?

Waking up at last? Editorial from the current edition of The Tablet:

[S]omething has gone awry with the other crucial purpose of Catholic schools: faith formation. Each year, parents and parish priests watch as substantial numbers of young Catholics abandon Mass attendance once they are free to do so. ……

Cynics might suggest that young people, armed with the tools of enquiry acquired through liberal education curricula, have used them to dismantle their own faith. What is apparent is that many young people leave the practice of religion behind when they leave the parental nest. A combination of poor liturgies, uninspiring religious formation and the lure of new experiences, especially sexual ones, don’t encourage Mass attendance.

(emphasis mine)

We've been saying this for years and years: welcome to the real world!

Nice to have you with us.

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