Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Prefaces

First, the ordinary tone, which to my mind definitely needed some adjustment:

And I thought I'd have a go at setting it to the tonus sollemnior (Ben having reminded me in the last post). It actually seems to work rather better than I thought it might, though the proof of the Christmas pudding will be in the eating.
If these are any use to you, I dare say you could easily print them off. I wrote them on A4 paper, so if you're using American Letter, you might need to scale down a little.
The resolution could be higher, and I could replace these with a clearer version if anyone thinks it a good idea.


Rubricarius said...

What chant font are you using to produce these Father?

Pastor in Valle said...

It's St Meinrad, which I am very used to now.

K. Kimtis said...

Thank you for this setting of the Preface to the Tonus Sollemnior. I just may use it this year if my voice is up to it.

I typed it out in GABC text to set it with Gregorio. I have copied the text below in case anyone else wishes to do the same.

You can access Gregorio without installing it by going to:


name: Preface of The Nativity I;
commentary: Tonus Sollemnior;
(c3)THE(e) Lord(ef) be(g) with(f) you.(f) (::) And(e) with(ef) your(g) spi(f)rit.(f) (::) Lift(hg) up(fg) your(f) hearts.(fe) (::) We(h) lift(hg) them(f) up(g) to(f) the(f) Lord.(fe) (::) Let(h) us(g) give(f) thanks(g) to(g) the(g) Lord(ef) our(g) God.(f) (::) It(h) is(g) right(fg) and(f) just.(fe) (::) (z) It(h) is(h) tru(gvFE)ly(ef) right(fgwh!ivHG) and(fg) just,(g) (,) our(g) du(fgwh)ty (g) and(fe) our(ef) sal(h)va(gfg)tion,(f) (,) al(gh)ways(gvFE) and(ef) eve(hg)ry(g)where(g) to(g) give(h) you(fe) thanks,(e) (;) Lord,(g) ho(f)ly(fe) Fa(ef)ther,(f) (,) al(f)migh(h)ty(h) and(h) e(h)ter(gf)nal(fg) God.(g) (;) (z) For(f) in(f) the(f) mys(h)te(h)ry(h) of(h) the(h) Word(hg) made(fg) flesh(g) (,) a(f) new(g) light(g) of(g) your(g) glo(g)ry(g) has(g) shone(g!hi) up(g)on(g) the(h) eyes(gvFE) of(e!fh) our(gfg) mind,(f) (,) so(f) that,(h) as(h) we(hr) re()cog()nize() in() him() God() made(gf) vi(fg)si(g)ble,(g) (,) we(f) may(g) be(g) caught(h) up(g!hi) through(g) him(g) in(h) love(gvFE) of(e) things(ef) in(h)vi(gf)si(g)ble.(f) (;) (z) And(fgwh!ivHG!fg) so,(g) (,) with(f) An(h)gels(h) and(h) Arch(gf)an(fg)gels,(g) (,) with(f) Thrones(h) and(hg) Do(f)min(fg)ions,(g) (,) and(f) with(h) all(h) the(h) hosts(h) and(h) Powers(hg) of(f) hea(fg)ven,(g) (,) we(g) sing(fgwh!iv) the(g) hymn(i) of(h) your(hvGFE) glo(fg)ry,(g) (,) as(f) with(fgwh!iv)out(gh) end(gvFE) we(ef) ac(ghGF)claim:(eef~f) (::)

Rubricarius said...

Thank you. Very well set out if I might say so. Could I ask how you get the staves to all end so neatly at the right margin?

A happy Christmas to you and your readers.

jbebeau said...

I was wondering which formula you applied to the Preface for Christmas to achieve the More Solemn Tone?

Pastor in Valle said...

I simply compared it with the old missal; the preface is basically the same, only in English. One has to allow a bit of give and take simply to try and ensure that the natural stresses in English are followed.