Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Visit

A lovely occasion today: six students from St John's Seminary at Wonersh came today to assist at Mass in Steyning: it was simply a free weekend for them, and I was delighted that they decided to spend the day in the Valle Adurni—though its beauties were not really at their best today, on account of the miserable weather.
It was a rare opportunity for me to be able to connect two important but distinct parts of my work. And I think that our parishioners were edified to see a bunch of splendid young men giving their lives to God.

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Unknown said...

I understand that this is unrelated to your post, but passing the message on:

Dear friend,


Tomorrow (5th of February), the first bill proposing same-sex marriage is going to be heard in British Parliament. I ask you to join me, and many others, in the praying of a rosary tomorrow to ask for Our Lady's intercession in this. We are aiming to pray together at 12 am, noon (GMT) tomorrow. Pray whatever you are able to do - a decade, a Mystery, the full Rosary, even a short prayer to Our Lady -to beg for her help.

It is our hope that if Catholics pray together for this, we can gain Our Lady's intercession in this dark hour.

Please pass the message on any way you can! Email, blog, text, social media. 12 am tomorrow - a worldwide rosary for the defense of marriage.

God Bless.

Maria Kolbe