Monday, 11 February 2013

Thank you, Holy Father

When you were elected, I remarked several times to friends and colleagues that what we needed was 'eight good years'. I little thought then that my wishes would be fulfilled so closely. Thank you, Holy Father; I pray that your retirement will be everything you wish and need. May God reward you for the extraordinary things you have achieved in these eight wonderful years.
And may God grant the increase!


pelerin said...

Beautiful words Father on this sad day. I am still in shock after learning the news. I am so glad I experienced his presence both in London and in Lourdes in 2008. Those memories will always remain with me.

William said...

I'm astonished and shocked, and not a little upset. Yes, you always said "eight good years", and bar a few weeks we will have had eight years better than most of us could ever have hoped for. I'm sure I'm just being greedy and selfish in thinking we could have done with another two … or three … or four … But I trust the Holy Father's judgement that this is the right thing for the Church, and at the right time.

Lent will this year be more than ever a time of fervent prayer.

AHJ said...

Father, you are quite right - we should be thanking the Holy Father for all his service to us, and so I do. But it is hard not to feel a little saddened and diminshed by his going, richly deserved reward for his dilgence as it is.