Wednesday, 7 May 2008

New ICEL translation

Those of you with long memories may remember a blog not infinitely removed from this one published the Ordinary of the new ICEL Mass, stating that it was going to be used in South Africa from the First Sunday of Advent. I have an update on this, thanks to the visit of some friends. Apparently, the SA bishops did indeed decree this, but then revised their decision, preferring to wait until the collects &c will be published, and therefore will introduce the new translation from the coming first Sunday of Advent, 2008. However, they have already been using parts of it for some time now in many—if not most—areas, including the 'I' version of the Creed.
On the other hand, here at home, an English liturgist who I know has expressed the hope that the present first year class of seminarians should be able to celebrate with the new version at their first Mass. That is another five years, folks.
The translation has actually been used already in this country; a gathering of Forward in Faith Anglican clergy used it for a service in Winchester last year—something which has left me a little bemused.


PeterHWright said...

Another five years ?

I'm not surprised, Father. In fact, I would say that, if anything, is an optimistic estimate. I presumed it had been delayed for a century or so.

Some time ago, a certain Fr. Paul did pose in the combox of another blog the unanswerable question : which will come first, the Parousia or the new English Missal ?

My prediction was, and still is, that the longer the delay, the more likely it is that "member states" of ICEL will declare UDI, so to speak, and do their own thing (not without approval from Rome, of course).

And all that business of red books, green books, etc. !

We all know what's in the new translation, anyway.

I remember reading about it, somewhere ..

Augustine said...

Does anyone know just why the new translation is taking so long. I could have learned enough latin to do it myself by now...

pelerin said...

As a matter of interest does anyone know how long the original translation into English took? And also why when I am in France I am able to say 'Je crois en Dieu' but here we have to say 'We believe in God.' It seems a mystery why two neighbouring countries ended up with this anomaly. I wish to affirm my belief personally by saying 'I' and am often tempted to say 'I' whilst awaiting the new translation.

I enjoyed augustine's comment!!

Argent said...

God willing, by then the N.O. will have been transformed -- we'll all be facing ad orientem and hearing the Roman Canon in Latin, and chanting the Ordinary. (hope springs eternal)

Dorothy said...

Ever since the introduction of "We believe" in the mid 1970s, I have determinedly stuck to saying "I believe". It was plainly incorrect, and not only because of the false translation. In particular, how could I proclaim the belief of anyone but myself?