Monday, 26 May 2008

Knox knocked back

It now appears that more Catholics attend Mass in Scotland than Presbyterians attend the Kirk, according to Scotland on Sunday. The same article attributes the bolstered Mass attendance and also the increase in vocations to the presence of a large number of Poles: the former is surely true, but I would have thought that the increase in vocations is due more to the forthright action of the Church in Scotland and its high-profile involvement in public life. It seems to me that Cardinals Winning and O'Brien have taken the moral high ground in dealing with the Scottish Parliament, leaving the Kirk standing. It must indeed seem that Scotland's Catholics are taking the initiative and playing a real part in public life in a very positive way. I wish our English hierarchy would be similarly courageous.

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Bob said...

I don't know if there is a discernible increase in Vocations here in Scotland. I do know that none of our seminarians are Polish (albeit that one is Maltese) so any increase in home grown. It is of course easier for the Scottish Establishment to believe that Catholicism is a matter for "ignorant foreigners" than for true-born Scotsmen who should know better.