Thursday 26 April 2012

In their own words

If anyone would like to know why the Vatican is investigating American religious sisters, and wonders whether it is being a bit heavy-handed, they might care to read what some sisters say about it themselves. If you have the stomach, you can read the whole thing here.
"This latest mandate to reform the LCWR—indeed to put it out of business—has been in the works for years. In a process that began in 2008, the “doctrinal assessment,” as it is known, was aimed at investigating the “serious doctrinal problems which affect many in Consecrated Life.” In the face of wars in several parts of the world, ecological crises throughout the planet, and severe economic injustice, it is morally embarrassing that the Vatican chooses to spend its time on such trivia. But given that the result is aimed at some of the very people whose lives are dedicated to peace making, Earth enhancement, and economic sharing, it is worth clarifying what is at stake.
The crux of the matter, as it were, is that most of the nuns, like many Catholics, have matured beyond the Vatican’s imaginings. The notion that postmodern Catholics assent to “the doctrine of the faith that has been revealed by God in Jesus Christ, presented in written form in the divinely inspired Scriptures, and handed on in the Apostolic Tradition under the guidance of the Church’s Magisterium,” (or, simply, the fathers know best) is simply ludicrous."

The author is one [Sister] Mary Hunt, and it must now be clear that she is not just a post-Modern, but a post-Christian. 

And as for the cheap shot about males and sex abuse, how about this?