Friday 16 December 2016


Today I went to Tesco—it was on my way, and has usually parking spaces—to buy some fish for lunch. Over the display cabinet was a big sign: "Fish: not only for Friday's". Yes, I reproduced that accurately, apostrophe included.

But it does say two interesting things;

First, that fish once more has come to be associated with Friday.

Second, that supermarkets have noticed that more people than in recent years are buying fish for eating on a Friday (and want to extend that).

I think that, still, England and Wales are the only English (and Welsh!)-speaking conference which has restored Friday abstinence. But notice how it has already impacted one of the largest supermarket stores in the country.

Again, I congratulate my former bishop, Kieran Conry, for having given us back Friday abstinence. Little things sometimes have great impact.