Wednesday 7 August 2013


There is an amazing exhibition on the spread of Western European Christianity up to the middle ages (and a little bit of the counter-Reformation church too) which has just opened in Paderborn. I really am very tempted to get on a plane and go to see it. The organizers have gathered together an extraordinary quantity of fascinating artefacts from all around Europe, very well chosen and organized. The accompanying literature, a guide and a catalogue/essay-festschrift, look wonderful, beautifully illustrated. Among other delights offered is, on 17th August, a guided tour of the exhibition in Latin! The exhibition will continue until early November.
You can visit the website here.


I don't usually repeat stuff that has already appeared on other blogs—life's too short. But I feel that I must record my protest against the serving of the Blessed Sacrament from plastic coffee cups in Brazil at the Papal Mass. Enough reproach has been written on this by other writers, so I won't elaborate, but I wanted to add my voice to those revolted at the indignity. Some acts of devotional reparation would seem to be called for.

Update- a parishioner said to me this evening 'I wouldn't even serve coffee in a plastic coffee cup!'