Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I don't usually repeat stuff that has already appeared on other blogs—life's too short. But I feel that I must record my protest against the serving of the Blessed Sacrament from plastic coffee cups in Brazil at the Papal Mass. Enough reproach has been written on this by other writers, so I won't elaborate, but I wanted to add my voice to those revolted at the indignity. Some acts of devotional reparation would seem to be called for.

Update- a parishioner said to me this evening 'I wouldn't even serve coffee in a plastic coffee cup!'


MC Man said...

I had high hopes for Pope Francis even though he has a simpler style of Liturgy.But I am horrified at the disrespect shown to the Blessed Sacrament.Using plastic cups to distribute the Host to the crowd as if handing out sweets at a kids party.It would have been better to have given Holy Communion to a few representatives of the youth or to none rather than this undignified scramble.I wonder how many Hosts were found dropped on the ground the next day.Heads must roll for this,who authorized this?

Percy said...

I was on Copacabana beach for the vigil and mass. Distributing Holy Communion in plastic cups doesn't look or sound great.

I didn't see this as our group got nowhere near receiving Holy Communion and I imagine many of the pilgrims didn't either.

To be fair to the organisers they had planned to have the vigil and mass on a large field on the edge of Rio de Janeiro but the unseasonal rain had washed it away. I would have hoped that the prevision for Holy Communion would have been far more suitable. Having to transfer it all to Copacabana beach made it difficult for the organisers and the pilgrims on many levels. However, I can sure you that the people I saw were engaging in the mass very appropriately given the situation.

I think that it is not fair to blame the Holy Father for the arrangements.

Victoria said...

I am reading Dominicae Cenae Pope John Paul's letter to the bishops of the Church on the mystery and worship of the Eucharist. The explication of the mystery of the Eucharist is so beautiful it made me weep. I wonder if the priests who tipped the Body and Blood of Christ into plastic cups have read this letter?