Thursday, 14 May 2009

Choral Treasure update

Thanks to all those who supported Choral Treasure; a note on the site says that they have received enough contributions to continue for a few more months: please do continue to support this wonderful initiative.


Andrew said...

Sean, are you familiar with the works of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)? She was a "12th century visionary, abbess, healer, composer and saint: the marvel of her age" (from the blurb on a wonderful CD called Canticles of Ecastasy, deutsche harmonia mundi, 05472 77320 2). There are a number of modern recordings of her choral works of extraordinary lyric beauty, and all are capable of bringing the listenr to tears.

Pastor in Monte said...

Oh yes, I know about Hildegard!

joe mc said...

BTW, Father, great sermon for Fr Ray's jubilee.

Clare G. said...

This is out of place, but can you help me trace the Sarum collect for an Abbot which has words relating to not turning aside from the straight path. We had it on the feast of St Pachomius last week and it think it came from either the Hours of Prayer from Lauds to Compline compiled from the Sarum Breviary or the SSJE Altar Missal, as both those resources are used by the (Anglican) community I was visiting.
My apologies for this Anglican query but I'm asking you as the only Sarum expert I've come across online.

Pastor in Monte said...

I've drawn a blank, I'm afraid, Clare: the collect for an abbot is as follows:
Deus, qui beatum N. confessorem tuum atque abbatem sanctitatis gratia decorasti; ipsius meritis fac nos bonis operibus abundare, ut a te summo bono omne quod expedit mereamur impetrare. Per Dominum.
I can find no alternatives.

Clare G. said...

Many thanks for your prompt response, Father. That's close to what I have in English in the Monastic Diurnal and the English Missal (although curiously they have no phrase equivalent to 'fac nos bonis abundare').
I have found an alternative, specific to St Pachomius, on Father Mark Kirby's Vultus Christi blog:
Deus, qui beatum Pacomium abbatem
ad doctrinae virtutumque culmina pervenire fecisti,
concede, quaesumus, ut eius exemplo,
panem Verbi tui primum quaeramus
a quo mentes lumen accipunt et corda quietem.

O God, Who didst raise the blessed abbot Pachomius
to the heights of doctrine and of virtue,
grant that we, by following his example,
may seek before all else the bread of Thy Word:
light for our minds, and stillness for our hearts.

-- Or, one may want to render that last line, "by which our minds are illumined and our hearts quieted."

Which is lovely, but still not the one I heard. I shall have to bother Reverend Mother or the priest who said the Mass.