Friday 27 November 2009

Can I help?

If any Anglican priest would like to speak to a Papist priest in confidence (and be heard with sympathy, as I hope my preceding posts have indicated), they need only leave their contact details in the combox, and I will respond (naturally without publicizing their communication).
I should add that I have no influence whatever with the hierarchy. But I can listen, and may even be able to help.
This is inspired by a third-hand report of somebody who didn't know where to turn to, and who has no experience of the RC Church.


Et Expecto said...

This is a most useful and generous offer. I would commend the idea to other priests. In fact, I would go further. What about a national network of priests who would be willing to act as councillors to Anglicans (especially clergy)who are considering whether to plunge into the Tiber?

There could be a dedicated website to act as a focal point, and the venture could be supported by advertising. I for one would be prepared to put some cash into such a venture.

Pastor in Monte said...

Sorry, Et Expecto: I guess you meant this comment to be published. If you didn't, I'll remove it. Thank you.