Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hosanna II

Sometimes, when things around look bad, I take comfort in the candles people light around the world.

There are those who think that classical music is dead, gone up a dead alley. Not at all: consider Naji Hakim—not a name, I know, to suggest what he is—probably (well, in my opinion) the finest organist alive today in a very much living French tradition. In Hakim, Maurice Duruflé lives and grows; in the wonderful improvisatory tradition of France, music, the chant still breathe and inspire. Just listen to this Passiontide improvisation on Vexilla Regis, and shout Hosanna!

My thanks to Fr Michael Gollop, here.


Dominic Mary said...

Amen to that, Father; and I'd also suggest you listen to his 'Mariales', which are (originally) improvisations on Marian themes.

That said, we shouldn't forget that there are some blindingly good organists around in the UK : even if they aren't as much respected as their French counterparts are . . .

Rubricarius said...

De gustibus, I fear I find it most uninspiring.

Give me the Wingham or Palestrina versions anyday.

May you have a very blessed Holy Week and Pascha Pastor in Valle.

Hippolytus said...

Can't get into Duruflé at all or see his appeal. I must confess I even managed to fall asleep in a concert of Duruflé in Notre Dame Cathedral Paris - quite an achievement given how very loud and discordant it all was. Perhaps I should add I did so a youthful 20 year old!

Dave said...

There was a concert by Naji Hakim in Warwick St. Mary's Collegiate Church a couple of years ago and he was brilliant. Like whisky, he's an aquired taste, and his 'Homage a Ivor Stravinski' is stunning but you have to stick with it and hear it several times before you realise what a genius this man is.

Have a happy and peaceful Easter, Fr. Sean.

Robert said...

Wonderful music; thank you for introducing me to it. It sounds more like Messiaen than Durufle.