Sunday, 13 June 2010

Thank you, Holy Father

As The New Liturgical Movement pointed out, the recent Vigil of Prayer for priests in St Peter's Piazza was remarkable for the use of Silveri's music composed for the Elevation at the Papal Mass, as for the use of the Papal canopy, carried over the Blessed Sacrament.

In addition, we might note the use of Perosi's Tu es Petrus, and a setting of the Adoro te devote, both also used at the coronation of Pope John XXIII.

And, joy of joys, no Sistine Screamers! There was a very large mixed choir who sang very creditably and, mirabile dictu, a full orchestra who played Elgar's Nimrod movingly as the Blessed Sacrament approached the altar. One curiosity is that the choir adopted the traditional 'Sistine style', a rather unusual swelling and diminishing of the dynamics and a slow pace,—except that (unlike the Sistine itself) they did it well (and almost almost made it convincing).

The organ sounded far better than the electronic keyboard that has been used in the past.

About the only irritation was the EWTN commentary; accurate, of course, but sometimes cutting across the music and the atmosphere with obvious remarks ('now the deacon is placing the Blessed Sacrament on the altar').

I must also mention the remarks of the Holy Father about priesthood, which I found very helpful as a pastor. In the unlikely event that you are reading this, Holy Father, thank you very much indeed, as also for the first time that I have found Vatican liturgy moving and prayerful.

The Blessed Sacrament enters at about 63 minutes. It is strange that the servers (in particular the MCs) stand before the Blessed Sacrament, while the Holy Father kneels.

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Anonymous said...

What many of us love about the Holy Father is that he enjoys to the full every moment of being Pope. When you see him in public he radiates this enjoyment and, by doing so, radiates all who see him. Long may he reign.