Wednesday 6 April 2011

History Lesson

A history lesson with a difference, from a Warder at the Tower of London. The best bit starts at about 3.00 and goes on to the end. Hat tip to Gary Blosh. There are more of these on the YouTube site.


Edwin said...

Thank you for this; best stand-up routine for a long while. And PROFOUND!

Patricius said...

Thank you for this wonderful treat! I have now watched all four The man is a national treasure!

Mike said...

One interesting fact is that part II (for some reason by far the most popular of the four parts) has reached 912,000 hits already. I recently came across a link to a YouTube Lenten Rosary video. This has been going since 2009 and has yet to reach 2,000 hits. If only we could get people to go to the Rosary video as eagerly as they do to the Yeoman video.
Maybe this link might help to get a few more hits for the Rosary video: