Wednesday, 15 June 2011

In Hope of Harvest

Well, the book is launched today. For anyone who might perhaps like to know something about the history of St John's Seminary, Wonersh, (why?) they can get a copy here:

Paperback, £16 + p&p

Hardback, £20 + p&p.

It has 502 pages, and covers the story of St John's from its foundation in 1889 more or less to the present day.

People are kind enough to tell me that it isn't boring.


Tom said...

Father - I look forward to ordering a copy idc. My late mother-in-law had a copy of a previous book on Wonersh by Fr Hooley, who she knew. So it will be good to have an updated history.

Mater mari said...

Nothing you write is ever boring! In spite of having now left A & B I shall certainly be buying a copy as we have several links with St John's.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break the thread, but please see this important news about Maryvale Institute:

Robert said...

I shall take a copy as a present to a covert priest friend who spent a year at St Johns when I vivit in the summer. I was Anglican chaplain of St Catherine's School jsut down the road in the early '90s. I called in with a firend one summer ecently and the bursar allowed me to play the orga. i shall also buy a copy for myself.
Yours is a very good blog!

Rachel said...

Father, where can I get hold of a copy? Have just tried amazon without any success! Wonersh holds v. special memories for my father who was a priest there and I should very much like to get him a copy. With thanks.

Pastor in Monte said...

Click the links in the post itself;
'Paperback' for a paperback,
'hardback' for a hardback!