Saturday, 7 September 2013


I miss Pope Benedict like a missing limb. His pontificate has been one of the most important stays of my 24 years of priesthood. It will feed me till my life's end. I wanted it to go on till then at least.

But I thank God too for Pope Francis. I believe that he is precisely the man we need right now. He can produce the right sound bite, can articulate simple truths without complication. I truly mean that as a compliment. If our philosophy and theology are to find acceptance, we need pastors who have the common touch, and Pope Francis does it wonderfully.


Victoria said...

I miss Pope
Benedict too.

GOR said...

I couldn’t agree more, Father! When Pope Benedict was elected I still had the prejudice in me against the liberals Rahner and Ratzinger that professors at the Gregorian railed about during the Vatican II years. Then I started reading what he had written since (a bit late, granted…) and I was hooked. I came to love the man and his retirement saddened me.

As for most people, Papa Bergoglio was a tabula rasa to me. I had heard the name, but knew little about him. But the more I learn about him, the more I also see him as the right man at the right time. Like his patron of Assisi, he is humble and down to earth – no pretense, nothing put on.

While we may lament losing the accoutrements of the ‘regal Papacy’, his approach is very Christ-like. He does shake us out of our comfort zone, just as the Gospel is supposed to do. And we needed that.

Catholic Left-winger said...

if anybody doubts the work of the Holy Spirit in the election of Pope, then the unexpected retirement of Benedict followed by the election Francis should make them re-examine matters. I love them both and Benedict's trust in God when he retired has proved to be right: Francis is the right Pope for our time, just as Benedict was for his and John Paul II for his.
It worries me that people over-examine everything that His Holiness says and does and that they do so in a fearful manner. There is no reason to be nervous, God knows what He does.

Anonymous said...

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Pastor in Monte said...

I don't think I need add any comment to the above. It clearly speaks for itself!