Saturday 1 September 2018

So why no posts

My dear friends; I have picked up on the internet that there is a certain sadness that I no longer post regularly on this blog (formerly Valle Adurni). I'm not the only one to cease posting, and I'm sure the reasons are largely the same.

Way back when, Pope Benedict had (in my view) galvanised the Church at a local level. Vocations began to rise, Mass attendance was increasing, and there was a sense that blood was pumping from the centre to the peripheries. I and others wanted to be a part of that.

Then everything went dead.

I don't want to spend my declining years writing damage limitation posts such as I attempted for a while.

I want to look after my parishioners, the ones whom God has entrusted to my poor care. Please pray for them, and pray for me. I genuinely think that this is the only way forward right now.

I will probably continue to post occasionally. But I, in common with others, will not publicly set myself against the the one who occupies and exercises the office of Vicar of Christ. I will simply pray that God's will be done. God will be his judge, and mine.


Pelerin said...

Very understandable Father. It is a difficult time for us pew-sitters so I imagine it must be a far more taxing time for ordained Priests such as yourself and others who once blogged regularly. Catching up with the Catholic blogosphere was always a pleasing and informative pastime with which to start the day.

Assuring you of my prayers.

CRS said...

A very wise decision father, may God reward you for it.

The vitriolic hatred latent, or not so latent, in some English bloggers posts against the Pope is getting beyond a tolerable level. Such people seem intent on marching down the road to perdition. May God have mercy on them too. We should do well to remember that profession submission to a former pope, however glorious his reign was, never saved anyone. What matters is submission to the Pope we have now: our point of contact with Eternity is the present.

IanW said...

Quite understandable, Father. I shall still keep an eye open for your occasional posts.

Anonymous said...

this one does not understand; COWARD.

Pastor in Monte said...

And this one does not understand how one might accuse another of cowardice…… anonymously!

Anonymous said...

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