Sunday, 10 August 2008

Religious Kitsch

With all the pilgrims going to Lourdes, I'm sure I am about to be presented with some really horrible stuff which I shall have to display as long as I am in this parish for fear of hurting the donor. Why is it that a lot of very pious people have the most awful taste? After all, three-quarters of Lourdes residents would go out of business if suddenly people saw their stuff  for what it is. And while we're on the subject……

Stuck for that ideal birthday present? What about:


or even:

Which you can buy here.

Or, for the man who has everything, how about a Mary Memory stick for his computer. A steal at £30 for 1 whole GB.

Found courtesy of Libby Purves on Times Online.


gemoftheocean said...

Yikes! the catcher is WAAAAY too close to Jesus and the kid with the baseball bat...for one he doesn't have the right face mask and gear on, and #2 he's going to be hit as soon as the bat is swung.

Moreover, Jesus is re-enforcing a bad habit the batter has picked up, His weight isn't distributed right, and sure as death and taxes this kid is going to pop up for an out.

And who is helping the poor pitcher smoke that ball by the batter? Mary?

In the football deal, what is JEsus doing playing without a helmet? Doesn't He know what they say about guys who play without a helmet? He's asking for a broken nose and a concussion at the very least. And where are the offensive linemen here? Obviously they have no concern, for their own quarterback, Jesus....if that kid were bigger, Jesus would be lying on the ground, a victim of a "sack." The offensive linemen, having let the defense through so easily must have a grudge against Him!

Soccer I don't know for bean dip, but should He be playing in sandals like that?

And a MERE gigabyte for Mary, the Mother of God?! She rates 4 gb at the least. Someone will have to talk to the Ronco people.

GOR said...

"Only in America", Father!

A far cry from the statues and holy pictures we were given as kids in Ireland...

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Father, if the Football Jesus could be made with grown men in New York Giants uniforms instead of children, no price would be too high for me to buy one!

Maybe the guy trying to tackle Jesus could be a New England Patriot. Or an Oakland Raider. Sweet.

gemoftheocean said...

Gor, it's a far cry from the stuff we were given as kids too!

[digi, here's the dream game, the Raiders play the Patriots, and it's a nothing-nothing tie with a lot of major career ending injuries!!!!
Fr. Erik needs to see these, especially after his "Drop kick me Jesus, through the Goalposts of life" video.]

Delia said...

My favourite is the hockey one (one one of the other pages)!

Anonymous said...

I've just returned from Lourdes and my vote for the most un-religious souvenir goes to the 'souvenir de Lourdes' back-scratchers!!

Anonymous said...

And what about table tennis?