Friday, 19 December 2008

Point of Information

"How many times is hell mentioned in the New Testament? Do a word count."

'Hell'  13 mentions
Matt 5:22
Matt 5:29
Matt 5:30
Matt 10.28
Matt 18:9
Matt 23:15
Matt 23:33
Mark 9:43
Mark 9:45
Mark 9:47
Luke 12:5
James 3:6
2Peter 2:4

'Hades': 9 mentions
Matt 11:23
Luke 10:15
Luke 16:23
Acts 2:27
Acts 2:31
Apoc. 1:18
Apoc. 6:8
Apoc. 20:13
Apoc. 20:14

'Fire' (as an analogy for hell) 26 mentions
Matt 3:10
Matt. 3:12
Matt. 5:22
Matt. 7:19
Matt. 13:40
Matt. 13:42
Matt. 13:50
Matt. 18:8
Matt. 18:9
Matt. 25:41
Mark 9:43
Mark 9:48
Mark 9:49
Luke 3:9
Luke 3:17
John 15:6
Heb. 10:27
James 3:6
James 5:3 (probably)
2Pet. 3:7
Jude 7
Apoc 14:10
Apoc. 19:20
Apoc, 20:10
Apoc. 20:14
Apoc. 20:15
Apoc. 21:8

—not, I hasten to add, that I think that this should form the backbone of one's preaching, but it should be there somewhere, because it is not an irrelevant part of the New Testament.


Anonymous said...

A brief, and fairly unrelated point (perhaps): 189 references to sheep throughout the entire bible. A bit of trivia but mentioned in this week's THES. Who says there's no longer a place for theology in British Higher Education?

PeterHWright said...

No, it's most certainly not irrelevant !

And Christ didn't think so, either ! If the salvation of souls is not the most urgent work of the Church, then what is ?

But I think they stopped talking about hell and death and damnation back in the 1970s, didn't they ?

I suppose these unpleasant facts got in the way of various heresies waiting to pop up.

Well, it's high time they started preaching these things again, lest souls be lost.

Anonymous said...

How many times is "Fairtrade" mentioned in A&B News? Probably as many times.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of interest, does the Congregation for Bishops have an e-mail address and/or a "complaints department"? If not a complaints department is there someone there with responsibility for helping those who have simply reached the end of the road and may be crying out for release (and I mean bishops not laity)?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bishop Conry should be notified of all this, given his recent comments.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Of course the little children at Fatima too...wonder has the Bishop heard of it?

Anonymous said...

You should count the number of times the word repent is used.