Thursday, 22 January 2009

Ge'ez 5

After the people have received Communion, the priest says:
O Lord, Light of eternal life, You have given us, Your servants, strength and protection, keeping us in peace through the past days and nights; bless + us now and in the days to come through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
(Deacon) We give thanks to the Lord, from whom we have received His holy gifts, that they may be a remedy for us for the salvation of our souls. May we who have received them, pray and plead to the Lord, our God, praising Him.

On weekdays:
My mouth speaks the praise of God. All flesh shall bless His holy Name for ever and ever.
Our Father, Who art in Heaven, lead us not into temptation.
(Deacon) We have received the holy Body and the precious Blood of Christ.
My mouth speaks the praise of God. All flesh shall bless His holy Name for ever and ever.
Our Father, Who art in Heaven, lead us not into temptation.
(Deacon) We ought to give Him thanks as we partake of the great and holy mystery.
My mouth speaks the praise of God. All flesh shall bless His holy Name for ever and ever.
Our Father, Who art in Heaven, lead us not into temptation.

On Sundays and Feast Days:
I exalt You, O my King and my God, and I will bless Your Name for ever and ever.
Our Father……
(Deacon) We have received……
Every day I bless You and I will glorify Your holy Name, for ever and ever.
Our Father................
We ought..........

O God, the Sustainer of all things, and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we give You thanks for allowing us to partake of Your Holy Sacrament. Let it not bring us Your judgment or condemnation, but the renewal of our body, soul and spirit, through Your only Son to whom, with You and the Holy Spirit, be glory and dominion, now, always and for ever.
Amen. Alleluia, Alleluia. Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Your name. Forgive us all our trespasses; lead us not into temptation; but deliver us, Lord, from all misfortune and from every evil temptation.

At this time the Sacred Vessels are purified by the priest.
(Deacon) May the Lord accept our prayer and write our petitions in the Book of Life. May the Eternal God remember us by shining His light on us, in the dwelling-place of the saints. We beg the Lord to grant fervour and perfect diligence to our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who did not come to the Divine Liturgy. May the Lord keep them safe from the lures of this world. May He grant them liberty, love, faith and good hope through the Body and Blood of the Son of the Living God. Amen, amen.

O King of Peace, Jesus Christ, grant us Your peace. Establish Your peace in our hearts and forgive our sins. When we leave this church, bring us to our homes in safety and in peace. Together with Your most gracious Father in Heaven and the Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life, all glory, honour, power, adoration and worship is Yours, now, and forever and ever. Amen
(Deacon) Bow your heads in humility before the Living God that He may bless you by the hand of the priest, His servant.
Amen. May the Lord bless us at the hand of His servant, the priest.

The people bow their heads while the priest blesses the people with a Sign of the Cross, saying:
O Lord, save Your people and bless + Your inheritance. Watch over them and exalt them. Protect the holy Church that You called, and that You purchased and ransomed by the Precious Blood of Your only-begotten Son, our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ, to be a dwelling for Your holy and chosen people. May God, our Father forgive all the intentional and unintentional sins of you who have gathered in this holy Church for prayer, and who have partaken of the Holy Body and and Precious Blood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May our Father show you mercy and protect you, for the sake of divine Body and Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, Jesus Christ, Son of God most High and Son of Mary, Holy and Immaculate, Virgin in mind and body, for ever and ever. Amen.

God be with you.
And with your spirit.

May God bless us, His servants, with His peace, Through our Communion of His most Precious Body and Blood, may we receive the remission of our sins. Through the authority of the Holy Spirit, help us to trample the power of the enemy underfoot. We all hope for the blessing of Your holy hand, which is full of mercy. Keep us from every wicked act but unite us in all good works. Blessed is He who has given us His holy Body and precious Blood. We have received grace and we have found life by the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. To You, O Lord, we give thanks for the grace we have received from the Holy Spirit.

(Deacon) Go in peace.
Thanks be to God.

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CMWoodall said...

I have enjoyed these posts on Ge`ez. The library where I work was given a manuscript thought to be a thousand years old in Ge`ez. I professor donated it & he received it decades ago from missionaries to Ethiopia. [search for geez and pick the last result]
Our catalog record shows that a manuscript expert dated it to the 18th Century.