Friday 13 November 2009

Don't mess with me!

Now that's an Abbess! Abbess Benedicta von Spiegel zu Peckelsheim (1874-1950) of Eichstätt Abbey.


Gregor said...

And her life is just as impressive as her look. Among many other things, she is responsible for the refoundation of Minster Abbey, Kent, and for the preservation of the city of Eichstätt in the last days of the war. I guess it didn't hurt that she came from the ancient nobility, her family being first mentioned around 1100. Interestingly, she translated into German many of the books of Dom Marmion, who was her spiritual director when she was a nun at Maredret in Belgium.

GOR said...

The picture reminds me of a story I read many years ago in one of the old formation books (humor was occasionally introduced to lighten the atmosphere…).

In earlier times there was an Abbess in a French monastery who took her position (and dignity) very seriously. She required that everyone coming into her presence genuflect to her! As this also included the local clergy, it didn’t sit well with assorted Abbés and Curés. While suffering through this for a time, in the end they appealed to the bishop for a ruling… With tongue firmly in cheek (one suspects) the bishop replied that they:

“…should not genuflect, as to the Blessed Sacrament, but rather bow…as they would to relics.”

The reaction of the Abbess was not recorded but - if one is versed in French - I’m sure some appropriate Gallic response would come to mind!

Anonymous said...

She was also a very good friend of the famed mystic and stigmatist Therese Neumann.

gemoftheocean said...

Gee, one look at her and I break out into a cold sweat, wondering if I've finished all my homework!