Friday, 11 December 2009


I'm sorry that many of you who kindly contributed comments didn't have them approved and posted until a couple of minutes ago; for some reason the normal information didn't arrive by email as it usually does, and I wasn't aware the comments were there.
All is now amended and posted (apart from some nasty pornographic advertisements in Japanese-thank you, Google Translator!)


St Ann's Parish said...

Glad to hear that you've sorted out your gremlins!

We've also been plagued recently with these rather unpleasant comments in Japanese. As you say, thank goodness for Google translator!

Andrew said...


Translation: Long Live Japan
Transliteration: "Riben Wansui" in Mandarin Chinese, or (same ideographs) "Nippon Banzai" in Japanese.

(literally: Japan, 10,000 years).

Pastor in Monte said...

er, yes, Andrew, but that wasn't the note that was posted!

Andrew said...

Aha, looks like the character font did not make it through cyberspace. I'll send it to you via email so you know what they look like. I knew I was trying to be too clever by half......