Sunday, 13 December 2009


Over on Andrew Cusack's blog (link to the left) I think I have seen my favourite picture (to date) of Pope Benedict.

The occasion was the crowning of the statue of the Immaculata in the Piazza di Spagna.

In this second picture, from the same place, you can see, on the left, a gentleman in very Islamic costume. Puzzling? No doubt he was a diplomat from some Islamic state, but it is a reminder that the Moslems also believe (I am told) in our Lady's Immaculate Conception.


Jane said...


That particular gentleman has been around in Rome for some time. I first noticed him at (I think) the conferring of the Pallium on the group that included Archbishop Nichols. I must admit I was rather alarmed! He's cropped up at one or two papal liturgies since then and at some point was received in audience by the Pope. That was recorded on a Vatican video some time agoas well. He must indeed be a diplomat but am ashamed to say I didn't commit the details to memory. I too noticed him in the crowd on December 8 and thought he must have some permanent Roman appointment. Must say he's diligent about attendance at these things.

It is indeed a lovely photograph of our Holy Father. Thank you for posting it.

gemoftheocean said...

But why would Muslims believe in her Immaculate Conception? They consider Jesus only a prophet.

I'm told they honor her, but I don't see why they would think she herself was preserved by singular grace of God to be free of the stain of Original sin!

I vote for the picture of the pope petting some doggies.

Jane said...

Cats, Gem! Really, how could you mention dogs!?

gemoftheocean said...

Cats are icky. Except, of course, the one owned by mulier fortis. Besides, [pulls handgrenade pin] they suffocate babies when given the opportunity.

Is it any surprise self-proclaimed witches have a cat as a "familiar?"

I rest my case.