Saturday, 13 March 2010

Proud and happy again

Having been here there and everywhere recently, I have rather missed the furore around Fr Ray's observations on his blog St Mary Magdalen (see left).
Frankly, I'm proud to be his friend, and want to say so here.
Nuff said.


PJA said...

Hear, hear!

Dominic Mary said...


pelerin said...

Ditto to Pons Sixtus!

pelerin said...

Father, I shall understand if you do not post this but I should like to say that what I find most upsetting about this is the information that 'the spokesman for the Catholic diocese of Brighton and Arundel (sic) refused to comment on his latest blog.' (Argus - March 10th)

One of their Priests has been pilloried by the local press for expressing Christian compassion and yet nobody in authority has spoken out in support of Fr Ray. He seems to be weathering it well but no thanks to any support from higher up. Very sad.

Anthony Ozimic said...

I don't know Fr Blake personally but from his blog and his friends he seems to be a very fine priest. Lord, send us many such holy priests.