Monday, 19 September 2011

A Tribute

Have you ever flown with RyanAir? I don't recommend the experience. But I do recommend this musical meditation on the subject.
Warning: if you don't like (even justifiable) strong language, don't press play!

H/T Eogh


Laura said...

That's long been one of my favourites! 'If you haven't pre-paid to use the steps....' - love it!

Gigi said...

Love it! I'd forgotten how funny these gals are - and musically spot on. I laughed non-stop on Ryanair. Possibly hysteria. EasyJet are marginally better, although they once lost my Mum's wheel chair and suggested I carry her to the Lost Items area.

Delia said...
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Anonymous said...

This represents modern Ireland at its worst.