Sunday, 9 December 2012

The stuff to give the er, prime minister

Bishop Joseph Devine is not a man to mince his words. He has written to the Prime Minister to tell him exactly what he thinks of him. Here's a taster:

'So where next for David Cameron’s spiritual mission?... While I cannot speak for other creeds, let me be quite frank with you. So far as the Roman Catholic concerned, you are out of your depth. We will take no finger-prodding lectures from anyone or any group devoid of moral competence.'

Wow! And there's lots more like it. The letter itself doesn't appear to be around on the internet, but there is an interesting discussion of it here on Archbishop Cranmer's blog. (H/t Simon Cotton).

Thank you, Bishop Devine. Keep it coming.


pelerin said...

At last - letters like this should have been coming thick and fast from our bishops. Their silence has been deafening unlike the French bishops where I understand more than 65 of them have made their views (ie those of the Church) publicly known with regard to the planned changes in the law there to allow same-sex marriage, adoption etc.

The French have taken to the streets - yesterday there were several more large demonstrations but I failed to see any coverage on the BBC. Why have there been none here? Why have not our bishops sent a letter en bloc to the PM? Why have they not sent letters to be read in the pulpits of our churches? Why are they still 'not rocking the boat?'

Lynda said...

Thank you, Father Devine, for doing your duty and defending the truth. We need all our Catholic leaders to be so frank in upholding the truth - particularly when it is not favourable among those in positions of power.

gemoftheocean said...

The stuff to give the PM? I think a good swift kick up the backside is the first order of business. That or bang his and comrade Zero's heads together - thus illingkay two birds with one stone.

Hope you don't mind the pig latin - I'm trying to get around the sanay computers.

Pelerin, as to why no BBC coverage? They've been a left-wing shill since inception. They're not going to cover anything they don't like.