Sunday, 23 March 2014

Quomodo sedet sola civitas plena populo

Within living memory the Church of the low countries—the Netherlands and of course Belgium—was confident and flourishing, sending missionaries around the world. And now……

I have just stumbled across this Dutch site. Look under 'inventory'.

Some will weep, others will rub their hands and reach for their credit cards.

At any rate, if anyone wants to equip his church with Beautiful Things for Jesus (BTJs), he could do much worse than to start here. I haven't dared to ask the prices, though.

Much better these things find a new home in churches than in bars.

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Pelerin said...

I agree that it is much better that these items find a new home in a church than in a bar although how can anyone be sure that this is what will happen to them?

The sale of church items is so sad to see especially when such items end up on a market stall as is common on the Continent. I have seen magnificent vestments, many statues and crucifixes, and even tabernacle doors lying among the bric-a-brac. Missals often lie forlornly in the rain too. I bought three illustrated Missals recently from Paris market stalls one dating back to 1856 and the other to 1908. A third from 1936 is leather bound with an Art Deco style cover and illustrations. All of them were obviously much loved and used by their owners.

It would appear that firms like the Dutch firm exist and surely their very existance encourages thieves to raid churches for their treasures?

On a lighter note I see the firm also has for sale garden ornaments, a collection of insects and even a couple of coffins - presumably unoccupied!