Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I think we should be told……

Are the grande dame of Catholic journalism, Mary Kenny, and the other sort of dame, Edna Everage, by any chance related? I think we should be told.

Dame Edna

Dame Mary

(Or perhaps Mary Kenny needs a new photograph in the Catholic Herald.)

P.S. No offence intended. I love Mary Kenny's writing!


Andrew said...

Barry Humphries, who denies having anything to with Dame Edna (or Sir Les Patterson), wrote in the forward to the Private Eye antohology of the Barry MacKenzie cartoon strip:

"The Irsh and the Australians have many shared traits, including guileless bonhommie and gross intemperance".

Speaking with a foot in both camps, I can confirm that this is indeed the case!

gemoftheocean said...

Well, have you ever seen them photographed together, h'mmmm?