Saturday, 25 September 2010

Father Philip Smith

Today has been a very special day; Philip Smith, a young man who had been an altar server in the parish where I was in charge for the first time, Sutton Park, near Guildford, Surrey, and whom I prepared for Confirmation, was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in Southwark Cathedral.
It was quite a splendid affair: there were two archbishops, an abbot, a member of parliament, and lots of priests. Fr Philip has been appointed as assistant priest in St Thomas' Canterbury.
Please do say a prayer for him today.
It is one of the real joys of priesthood to see people develop from childhood into adults and still be strong in the faith that one has tried to impart; still more wonderful when they desire to share that same priesthood.
Ad multos annos, Fr Philip!

That's him on the right (in the unlikely event that you needed to be told), in the very smart Gammarelli cassock.

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