Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bishop Alan Hopes to head the English Ordinariate

Well, so The Tablet says. And it is exactly what most of us expected. His candidature is obvious, given his personal history (first Anglican priest and now Auxiliary Bishop in Westminster), but also (in my experience) simply because he is a measured and kindly prelate who, I'm sure, will do a good job. He is one of the good guys, in fact. He won't set the Tiber or Thames alight, but those about to swim the Tiber can expect a sensible, sympathetic and warm welcome.

The clever bit comes with the news that he will only do the job temporarily, handing over to someone else, to be decided on by a governing council (a chapter of canons, basically) consisting of six priests, three of whom are expected to be currently bishops in the Church of England; these would be the two current flying bishops who are changing into their trunks for the swim, plus, I suppose, either Bishop Edwin Barnes or John Broadhurst. Or maybe the decision was made before Bishop Broadhurst's solemn announcement, and he will be included anyway.


Louis E. said...

You speak of swimming,but isn't Anglicanorum Coetibus a railroad bridge over the Tiber?
Individuals swim,the Pontifex's creation enables groups to cross as groups rather than be slotted into only the structures found on the far side.

Robert Ian Williams said...

Bishop Broadhurst was a Ctyhpolic before ghe became a Ctholic. His marriage is not recognised by teh Church and he does not qualify for ordination in the Ctholic CHurch.

Michael said...


Get over yourself!

(Failing that, at least do us the honour of proofreading your pontifications.)


Kjetil Kringlebotten said...

Robert: "His marriage is not recognised by teh Church..."

Both he and his wife are baptized. When he converts their marriage will be a valid, sacramental marriage. Now it is 'only' sacramental.