Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Prefaces

First, the ordinary tone, which to my mind definitely needed some adjustment:

And I thought I'd have a go at setting it to the tonus sollemnior (Ben having reminded me in the last post). It actually seems to work rather better than I thought it might, though the proof of the Christmas pudding will be in the eating.
If these are any use to you, I dare say you could easily print them off. I wrote them on A4 paper, so if you're using American Letter, you might need to scale down a little.
The resolution could be higher, and I could replace these with a clearer version if anyone thinks it a good idea.


Rubricarius said...

What chant font are you using to produce these Father?

Pastor in Monte said...

It's St Meinrad, which I am very used to now.

K. Kimtis said...

Thank you for this setting of the Preface to the Tonus Sollemnior. I just may use it this year if my voice is up to it.

I typed it out in GABC text to set it with Gregorio. I have copied the text below in case anyone else wishes to do the same.

You can access Gregorio without installing it by going to:


name: Preface of The Nativity I;
commentary: Tonus Sollemnior;
(c3)THE(e) Lord(ef) be(g) with(f) you.(f) (::) And(e) with(ef) your(g) spi(f)rit.(f) (::) Lift(hg) up(fg) your(f) hearts.(fe) (::) We(h) lift(hg) them(f) up(g) to(f) the(f) Lord.(fe) (::) Let(h) us(g) give(f) thanks(g) to(g) the(g) Lord(ef) our(g) God.(f) (::) It(h) is(g) right(fg) and(f) just.(fe) (::) (z) It(h) is(h) tru(gvFE)ly(ef) right(fgwh!ivHG) and(fg) just,(g) (,) our(g) du(fgwh)ty (g) and(fe) our(ef) sal(h)va(gfg)tion,(f) (,) al(gh)ways(gvFE) and(ef) eve(hg)ry(g)where(g) to(g) give(h) you(fe) thanks,(e) (;) Lord,(g) ho(f)ly(fe) Fa(ef)ther,(f) (,) al(f)migh(h)ty(h) and(h) e(h)ter(gf)nal(fg) God.(g) (;) (z) For(f) in(f) the(f) mys(h)te(h)ry(h) of(h) the(h) Word(hg) made(fg) flesh(g) (,) a(f) new(g) light(g) of(g) your(g) glo(g)ry(g) has(g) shone(g!hi) up(g)on(g) the(h) eyes(gvFE) of(e!fh) our(gfg) mind,(f) (,) so(f) that,(h) as(h) we(hr) re()cog()nize() in() him() God() made(gf) vi(fg)si(g)ble,(g) (,) we(f) may(g) be(g) caught(h) up(g!hi) through(g) him(g) in(h) love(gvFE) of(e) things(ef) in(h)vi(gf)si(g)ble.(f) (;) (z) And(fgwh!ivHG!fg) so,(g) (,) with(f) An(h)gels(h) and(h) Arch(gf)an(fg)gels,(g) (,) with(f) Thrones(h) and(hg) Do(f)min(fg)ions,(g) (,) and(f) with(h) all(h) the(h) hosts(h) and(h) Powers(hg) of(f) hea(fg)ven,(g) (,) we(g) sing(fgwh!iv) the(g) hymn(i) of(h) your(hvGFE) glo(fg)ry,(g) (,) as(f) with(fgwh!iv)out(gh) end(gvFE) we(ef) ac(ghGF)claim:(eef~f) (::)

Rubricarius said...

Thank you. Very well set out if I might say so. Could I ask how you get the staves to all end so neatly at the right margin?

A happy Christmas to you and your readers.

jbebeau said...

I was wondering which formula you applied to the Preface for Christmas to achieve the More Solemn Tone?

Pastor in Monte said...

I simply compared it with the old missal; the preface is basically the same, only in English. One has to allow a bit of give and take simply to try and ensure that the natural stresses in English are followed.

Paul said...

This is nothing short of stunning! I'd love to try this out for a few other prefaces--should you have any other leads I would love to give it a try.