Friday, 16 December 2011


I have been receiving emails encouraging me to engage in some sort of competition. The prize, apparently, is to see some arctic monkeys. I do enjoy those David Attenborough programmes, and have seen polar bears (not nearly as cuddly as one might suppose), though never arctic monkeys.

Someone suggested that it might be the name of some pop group. Sounds very unlikely to me, though of course the Beetles are named after insects. What's become of them? I haven't heard them for some time.
But now I have a worry: if I enter this competition, I might stand some remote chance of winning. And if I won, perhaps they would make me go to the performance. I don't think I should like that. Flower power was never my thing.

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Andrew j said...

Sean, the Arctic Monkeys are indeed a currently popular band. I know this for 2 reasons. First I have teenage sons, and second I happened to see a 1970s rite of passage type film called Submarine on a recent flight. It was reasonably enjoyable but the sound track was terrific, with haunting songs very reminiscent of John Lennon in his prime. The credits revealed that they were composed and sung by a young man called Alex Turner, who turns out to be the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys. On his own he is terrific, which is more than can be said for his group....