Friday, 1 March 2013

And now we pray

Well, the Church of God moves on, and if yesterday was a sad one, today we pick ourselves up and look to the future. We all know that the new Holy Father will need to be a man of special gifts, and so we must all pray. I commend to you the project of Adopt a Cardinal, which I learnt about via Mulier Fortis. You go to the site, give your name and an email address, and in return you are given the name of one of the eligible cardinals, for whom you undertake to pray until the election. It's not a sweepstake, of course, a question of 'picking the winner', but praying that this man will be inspired now and in the conclave to elect a truly wonderful successor to St Peter and Pope Benedict.

I was allotted Cardinal Lluís Martinez Sistach, the Archbishop of Barcelona (see photo). Until today I have known nothing about him, but I will pray daily for him from now on. And I'm very taken with his funky biretta (which may have more to his doctorate in law than his ecclesiastical eminence).

So do go on over to Adopt a Cardinal and get one for yourself. There are already 143395 adopters, and rising!


pelerin said...

Already done a few days back! I have read of a few bloggers who have also 'adopted' a Cardinal and strangely everyone seems to have been given one they have never heard of! Until I watched the Holy Father saying goodbye to all the Cardinals yesterday I don't think I had realised how many there were.

May they all be inspired to elect a 'truly wonderful successor to St Peter and Pope Benedict.' Incidentally I do love the title of Benedict the Beloved (or Benoit le Bien-Aime in French) which Fr Gordon MacRae has suggested in his inspirational blog 'These Stone Walls.'

Anonymous said...

Seu Latine, Benedictus Dilectus ...