Monday, 25 March 2013

Chilean Priorities

The First Lady of Chile, Señora Piñera, meets our new Holy Father. And while you're here, Holy Father, would you mind………

I've got a parishioner just like this. She brings me bucketloads literally bucketloads of miraculous medals and rosaries for blessing every couple of weeks.

It's wonderful to see a faith-full First Lady.

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gemoftheocean said...

Love this. During the year before I left San Diego, I had a number of small religious articles to be blessed. One day I presented The Amazing Father Gismondi with quite a number of religious articles at once. There was my new Baronius press missal. There were holy cards, and a few medals. He did three different blessings as I recall, splitting the items into groups. I got the feeling the priest was as happy to get a chance to bless them as I was to have them blessed. I also got the pleasure once of seeing a young newly ordained priest say his first Mass. The night before after a liturgy, I noticed he'd grabbed a bucket of holy water and headed out to his car to bless it. Then naturally a few people said "hey, bless my car too" and there was quite a little production line of people getting their cars blessed. People love stuff like this. [And I've always loved the blessing of the animals.]