Wednesday, 16 April 2008

There's a new world beginning…

From the Washington Post: the whole article is worth reading.

Imagine a bizarro world where all the 25-year-olds want Mozart and all the 60-year-olds want adult-contemporary. The kids think the adults are too wild. The backlash against "Kumbaya Catholicism" has anyone under 40 allegedly clamoring for the Tridentine Mass in Latin, while the old folks are most sentimental about Casual Sunday (even more rockin', the Saturday vigil Mass), and still cling to what's evolved from the lite-rock guitar liturgies of the 1970s. The result, for most parishes, has been decades of Masses in which no one is entirely satisfied, and very few enjoy the music enough to sing along.


Augustine said...

I read the article on Forest Murmurs; I especially liked the comparison of 70s masses with guitars to the Brady Bunch!

PeterHWright said...

Why did so many churches throw away the priceless heritage of plainchant ?
Why did Catholic schools stop teaching it ?

What did Pope Benedict say ?
Genuine renewal in Catholic music "cannot be achieved except by following the great traditions of the past, of Gregorian chant and polyphony" (Rome, 25 June 2006)