Friday 22 February 2008

Bishop of Lancaster

People tell me that the new coadjutor Bishop of Lancaster, Fr Michael Cambell, an Augustinian, is a good thing. He is well respected among Lancastrians who Think Rightly. Hurrah. I also gather that Bishop O'Donohue has been doing (massive financial losses aside, which mightn't have been his fault) a pretty good job in office, as evidenced by the wonderful schools document (pdf here) which we have all been drooling over and wondering, rather hopelessly, how it could possibly be made to apply to schools in our area.

Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Fit For Mission rocks!

fr paul harrison said...

Just one small thing our financial woes had nothing to do with Bishop O'Donoghue - he inherited them!

fr paul harrison

Anonymous said...

Mrs Parkes,

Fit For Mission (or Fit For Nothing) only rocks if it is not your Parish that is being closed down because of:
1: Lack of Priests
2: A multi-million pound black hole in diocesan finances
3: Unseemly political goings on

Whilst Fit For Mission: Schools might be drawing world wide praise, the original Fit For Mission has proven quite controversial!