Tuesday 26 February 2008

Sarum Candlemas 03: The Procession

The choir sing the traditional antiphons, the rulers having intoned them. I think the texts, Ave, gratia plena, Dei genetrix, Virgo; Adorna thalamum tuum, Sion; Responsum accepit Simeon, are the same as in the Liber, the chant being in a rather more ancient form.
In Sarum, the Deacon puts in incense, and the priest blesses it. The procession moves off: it would have been nice if the people followed, or at least the singers, but they seem to have had better things to do. I suppose it would have been a bit of a squeeze.
Coincidentally, you can see at least three bloggers in the ceremony. The MC is Fr Nick 'Roman Miscellany' Schofield (then an undergraduate); among the choir clergy you might spot Fr Michael 'Mildew' Clifton, and the celebrant is yours truly, with more hair. The deacon, Fr Guy Nichols, is a frequent appearer on Catholic Mom's blog. Among the servers, about five went on to become priests, and very fine ones, too.
This clip takes us up to the rood screen, where there is a pause for some prayers and an antiphon (see next clip).

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