Thursday 28 February 2008

Sarum Candlemas 15 - End of Mass

At the end, you can see the Blessed Sacrament being carried away. Then the purification takes place. The arrangements for this are a little baroque: instead of a purificator, the chalice, rinsed with wine and water, then wine alone, ministered by the Subdeacon, is first held to the Celebrant's mouth by the Deacon (this celebrant did it himself) and then set on its side to drain onto the paten. We used a purificator. The three main sacred ministers bow low to the altar cross as the priest says Adoremus crucis signaculum per quod salutis sumpsimus sacramentum (Let us adore the banner of the cross by which we have received the sacrament of salvation).What happens then isn't specified, except the Deacon clears away, athe celebrant washes his hands at the piscina, and the humeral-veiled Acolyte removes the chalice and paten to the credence. The ministers all say the communion antiphon; the postcommunion prayer is sung and the Ite Missa est, oddly farced to match the Kyrie, thus:
Ite - Deus Creator - missa est.
Deo - Deus Creator - gratias.
The priest says the placeat as in the Roman use, but there is no blessing (except at a pontifical Mass, when it happens in the middle of the Communion rite). Instead all simply makes the sign of the cross and depart.


Unknown said...

Thank you Father!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father, but what about the celebrant's alb, was it always worn so high at the back?

Pastor in Monte said...

Anonymous; try reading the other posts, and you'll find out.