Monday 18 February 2008

Salve Adurne

Well, here we are again! I'm not quite sure in what direction this blog is going to go yet, nor what time I'm going to be able to devote to it, but for better or worse, I'm going to at least make the attempt once more.
Thanks to the many of you who have encouraged me to do so: I hope I will make it worth your while.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

18 February.

Good heavens !

Is Father blogging again ?
Good ! Splendid ! What-ho !
Encore ! etc. etc.

Forgive my enthusiasm. I've only just learned you're back on line, so to speak.

Please don't disappear again !

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Father - we've missed you!

Mulier Fortis said...

Aha ! And when exactly were you planning to let me know you were back in business?

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Fr!

gemoftheocean said...

See Mac! Toldja I was "mainlining" high-speed internet the other day. First I found Fr. Sean up and running again. THEN I almost reached nirvanah when I saw the pope's personal blog. I was in such a state of shock and awe that I forgot to bookmark his site!


Mulier Fortis said...

The Pope has a PERSONAL BLOG ???? Karen! You ninny ! How did you let that escape??!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back Father. I was beginning to wonder if I had really seen your question about the dry bones! We need a few more Sussex blogs, I think!

Roman Catholic Vocations said...

Fr. Finnegan,

Welcome back!

With joy I will add you back to the list of Priest's blogs on my sidebar.

Be assured of my prayers.

fr paul harrison said...

Welcome back. I will re-add you blog to my blogroll

fr paul harrison

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Father. It's so nice to put your blog on my favorites again.