Tuesday 19 February 2008

I know nothing

On his site (link to the left) On the Side of the Angels, in a very kind welcome, asks for some goss on Bishop Terence Drainey. As Manuel said in Fawlty Towers, 'I know nothing' except what I learnt from Fr Ray's blog a few months ago.
However, one piece of goss which I do have concerns the course that the then Fr Drainey operated at Ushaw for re-programming foreign clergy who are coming to work in the UK.
St John's Seminary, Wonersh, are going to begin a similar course. I have spoken to the director, and he tells me that the plan is going to be far more respectful of what these fidei donum priests may bring to us. They will simply be filled in as to the way things work in the UK, and, amongst other things, taken to some of our historical Catholic sites. Very encouraging, I think. The basic idea is a good one: there are a lot of practical matters which are done differently in other countries; the most obvious one is the arrangement &c of marriages. Were I landing on these or other shores, a basic orientation course could be seriously useful.


Ttony said...

"And I am Marie of Roumania!"

(You'll probably not want to publish this, but a hearty welcome back! I'll find something where I can be a bit more po-faced.)

Anonymous said...

Only want to say that I´m glad you´re back, Father. I kept you in my prayers during your time off. Best wishes from Germany, Tim

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Father!

I live in the diocese of Middlesbrough, and so far Bishop Drainey seems to have made a good impression on everyone, including those of a more traditional ecclesiology. He has a huge task - if the diocese were a school it would be in 'special measures'-, and he will not necessarily be helped by the diocesan old guard. Do keep him in your prayers.