Sunday, 22 June 2008

Latin for Six and associated matters.

I was very disheartened (though, of course, not suprised) to hear the official response to the shocking news about teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in the UK. More sex education, younger. More condoms.  A lad in this parish was told (some of) the facts by a teacher (required to do so, I understand) in his Year 6 class. That's 10 years old. He came home deeply puzzled, rather distressed, and his parents had to pick apart what he had been told and tell him things years before they judged he was ready for them. I haven't dared to ask whether the poor lad was also told about contraception.
Mac, the Mulier Fortis, always a good read, has a good piece on this. As a secondary (=high) school teacher, her opinion is worth taking seriously on this, as on so many other things.

In the end, is it not profoundly shocking that a schoolgirl may not be given so much as an aspirin in a British school without her parent's knowledge and approval, but she can receive free contraceptives, and even go and have an abortion without them being any the wiser. What sort of a sick world do we live in, where a child's 'right' to have as much sex as he or she wishes as young as he or she wishes comes before all other considerations?


Mulier Fortis said...

Thank you for the link, and for your kind comments, Father.

Anagnostis said...

Also Edinburgh (Morningside) for "sacks".

I have a meeting at my children's primary school tomorrow, after my daughter in Reception Year came home with a leaflet which included the following:

"Have sex with someone you really care about and who will share responsibility for contraception"

The covering letter, signed by the Head states:

"We believe that class teachers, with their understanding and knowledge of their pupils in terms of age, maturity, development, religious, cultural and special needs are in the best position to deliver SRE {sex education}"

I have given my wife solemn assurances that I won't tear anybody's head off. I crossed my fingers behind my back.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

The good news is we have our own pro-life nurse & talks by excellent pro-life speakers for parents. All done by the Oratory Fathers,governors & teachers..

gemoftheocean said...

Am I hallucinating, or is "reception year" 5 year olds?

Moretben, I hope you rip the head's lungs out.
I hope your daughter can't read yet. I didn't even know what sex was at that age.

Even planting the idea in a child's head like that is evil. It robs them of their innocence, and that is criminal.