Tuesday 26 February 2008

Sarum Candlemas 02

Here you can see the blessing of the people's candles, the sprinkling with holy water and the giving of the candles to the clergy.
You can get a good look at the rulers of the choir in this clip, owing to the fact that they moved too soon and have to hang around awkwardly until they are needed. They were actually three real-time monks—one from Ampleforth, one from Ealing and one from Downside. You can see how they approach the precentor (well, okay, conductor) for their preintonation before going to the lectern to sing.
The conductor was the eminent Claude Crozet who brought together a volunteer choir of about thirty really good singers, as you will hear when they break into polyphony later on.
The lectern in the middle of the choir is original, dating from the early sixteenth century.
As candles are sprinkled and distributed, the chant Lumen ad revelationem gentium is sung with the Nunc Dimittis—this differs hardly at all from the the Roman use.


Adulio said...

And if I am not mistaken that Fr. Alban Nunn from Ealing too in cope.

Pastor in Monte said...

Ottaviani: indeed so.