Tuesday 3 February 2009

It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good

Bishop Fellay's recent comments

We evidently condemn every act of murder of the innocent. It is a crime that cries to heaven! Even more so when it is related to a people. We reject every accusation of Antisemitism. Completely and absolutely. We reject every form of approval of what happened under Hitler. This is something abominable. Christianity places Charity at a supreme level. Saint Paul, speaking of the Jews, proclaims, 'I wished myself to be an anathema [from Christ], for my brethren!" (Rom. 9, 3). The Jews are "our elder brothers" in the sense that we have something in common, that is, the old Covenant. It is true that the acknowledgment of the coming of the Messiah separates us.
"It is very interesting to notice that the Church did not await for the Council to prescribe courses of action regarding the Jews. Since the 30s, even during the war, several texts of Rome provide a very just position: the abominations of the Hitlerist regime must be condemned! 'Spiritually, we all Semites', Pope Pius XI had said. It is a truth which comes from Sacred Scripture itself, 'we are sons of Abraham,' Saint Paul also affirms." - La Croix (h/t Rorate Caeli)

make me wonder whether in fact Bishop Williamson's offensive remarks have actually produced a good effect: they have made the SSPX come out firmly and unambiguously against antisemitism. In some ways the French traditionalists have been among the inheritors of the anti-Dreyfuss tradition, as a friend remarked to me the other day. The extremity of Williamson's views has shocked them into defining just what these things actually mean, and just what might very well be lost if they do not distance themselves from any suggestion of antisemitism.

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