Monday 2 February 2009

Missing Information

The excellent Anglican blog Mass Information seems to have gone missing. I do hope this is only  temporary. Theological students and seminarians are very vulnerable to unfair pressure from superiors (college, diocesan, whatever) of a liberal persuasion. Free speech is only permitted to those whose views suit a certain party.
Those who sneer at law as a bastion of the establishment, preferring what they like to call freedom, never stop to consider that law is there as a protection of the weak against the strong. The trouble with antinomianism is that it leaves the vulnerable with no recourse. The strong need feel no brake upon their deeds or words, but may bully as they please.

Of course, it may all just be due to the snow or something, and Mass Information may well be back by the time you read this. I do hope so.


William said...

Yesterday, I was getting a generic "Error 404", which can signify any number of things. Today, that has been replaced with the message:
Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at has been removed.

It could all yet turn out to be a technical problem, but the paranoiac-conspiracy-theorist in me wonders if they haven't been deliberately silenced as being "off message" in advance of the crucial Synod vote on the legislation for "Women Bishops" next week. (It would not, I fear, be the only current instance of a disquieting and conveniently-timed move in the direction of silencing or discrediting opponents of Episcopettes.)

William said...

Alas, it appears that that site has definitely closed down, though I'm no closer to knowing why. A recent post on the Anglican Wanderings blog included the following:
It is sad, therefore, when part of the flower dies, as has, it appears, happened to the Massinformation blog, which has accompanied us all on the road for some time now. I hope that the joint flowering of the Anglo-Catholic blogs has dropped sufficient seed for it to grow again.

Sad if those running that blog decided to close it down of their own volition; alarming if it was in response to external pressure. I had discovered it only a month or two back, and thought it one of the finest Anglican blogs around. Requiescat in pace.

Anonymous said...

It closed down because it was edited by the rudest lad in the Anglo Catholic fold, who was ordered to close it after using it to snidely denigrate many other people.