Wednesday 4 February 2009

Vestura sola

The splendid enthronement of the new Patriarch of Moscow brought to my mind an unfair and dismissive, but funny, comment made by a Presbyterian about Anglo-Catholicism. 'Hm; salvation by haberdashery!'
The new Patriarch has no fewer than four different costumes to put on in the course of the ceremony. It all looks very splendid.


Anonymous said...

My comment on Anglo-Catholicism should have appeared here, not under the LMS post. Sorry.

Rubricarius said...

Fr. Sean

May I suggest your invert the order of photographs so they follow the order of the service.

1) Patriarch-Elect arrives and is vested in the blue mantiya of a Metropolitan, veneration of icons etc.

2) Patriarch-Elect vested in Eucharistic Vestments (white set)gives blessing with dikeri and trikeri whilst standing on an Eagle mat (orletz).

3) Now enthroned Patriarch, at the Holy Table, has been vested in more ornate (but the same in type) vestments of the Patriarch. Note: Patriarch of Alexandria in his distinct mitre to Patriarch Kyrill's right.

4) After the Liturgy the Patriarch has received the green mantiya of the Patriarchate, and the distincive white koukolion and the historic crozier(for this ceremony only - he will use his own).

Anonymous said...

A little jealous?